Hyprocure Day 1

Hyper Pronation (Flat Feet) is very common among us. Ask your friends/family and you probably know atleast one person with some sort of flat feet. In 2004 Dr. Graham invented a procedure to cure the problem. It’s known simply as hyprocure.

Here’s a picture of what my foot does/did. As you can see it’s quite severe.

This is due to the fact that the ankle bone slides over the heel bone. Hyprocure is a stent (think a bolt/screw/bullet) that is inserted in a negative space inbetween these bones to stabilize the ankle bone. It’s pretty simple and has only been around since 2004.

There aren’t a lot of patient testimonials that go in depth on the internet so I decided to write my own. I hope that this will help anyone else who is thinking about having the procedure done.

The day of surgery was no problem. They gave me an anesthetic that practically put me to sleep. 20 minutes later, I wake up eating a banana muffin and coke. Mmmmm

I feel no pain. I am prescribed Ibuprofen (for swelling) and vicodin (for pain). About for hours after the surgery I started to feel a discomfort in my foot. I didn’t feel pain but just an awareness of my foot. It’s really hard to describe.

I’m afraid to put weight on my foot but I manage to sit down and place my foot on the ground. It’s really amazing my foot is straight!

Here’s a couple pictures of my foot while I was lying in bed.

Now look at the next picture carefully

See how straight my foot is with my leg? Now look at the next picture

My left foot, while relaxing in the air, skews to one side.

So all day I took some vicodin every four hours, never had any real problems.

The doctor said I could walk around (slowly) but I’m too chicken and use crutches instead. They also wanted me to wear a shoe whenever I walk but forgot about that. Oops good thing I didn’t walk much on day 1 anyways.

It is now Day 2 and the last time I’ve had vicodin was 11:00 PM yesterday. I haven’t had any since and it is now 8:30 AM. I’m going to see how long I can go without.

I hope this blog will help anyone else who is thinking of having the procedure done.


27 thoughts on “Hyprocure Day 1

  1. no crutches? that’s horrible! I’m finally walking in the aircast cam walker. Taking it slow though. It’s strange how different podiatrists have different post-surgery recovery ideas. I was in a cast for 2 weeks!

  2. no it’s the same size as the CSI stent the only difference being that the hyprocure stent has a larger flat head at the end. My podiatrist and I decided to go with the CSI instead (after researching both on my end) because the placement of this implant seems more natural. Each to their own though. My foot is super skinny so the large flat hyprocure head didn’t look too appealing to me!! The both do exactly the same thing though.

  3. By the way I have a question – how did you manage to get your blog on google so fast? I started writing mine weeks ago but when I google hyprocure blogs it doesn’t come up. Any thoughts?

  4. I’m glad that I read your blog before I had this surgery done. I just had my hyprocure stent put in friday 3/25/11. I made sure to by crutches, neither could I imagine walking around with crutches, and no one advised me to buy crutches beforehand.

    It doesn’t necessarily hurt to walk around without crutches, just feels extremely uncomfortable.

    Great blog, thanks for posting it! Very helpful.

  5. Thanks, everything seems to be going wells so far, I even walked to go check the mail today.

    Nope, they didn’t give me a cast, actually just an ace bandage wrapped around a couple of times. I wonder if post-op treatment differs given the age of the patient? I’m about the around the same age as you, 25, and I don’t think a cast was necessary. I get my bandages taken off tomorrow.

    Question: when do you think you will be able to run/jog again? In a youtube video, Dr. Graham says that most patients are running and jogging at 4-6 weeks, this seems unrealistic. What do you think?

    • Going by my right foot (which was bad enough my doctor said it was one of the worst he’s fixed) I’d say no. I still have trouble with it at 2 months. However going by my left foot I’d say yes.
      But in any case I’m not sure if you’d be able to go great distances…

  6. hi! my doctoc said, I need a hyprocure implant, but I cannot deside yet – I think, it is a very new method, and probably there are no opinions, what will happen in twenty years? Do anybody have some informations, may be some some study reports? And after reading your blog, I’m scared about the pain – and I don’t want to take vicodin! But my doctor said, the surgery were harmless and I could go home the same day! It’s not so easy for me to do this decision!

  7. Thank you for this site. I have just had a CSI implant done this week and it is remarkable. Am doing well post-surgery and I’ll be interested to see and feel the foot progress over time. Again, thank you.

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  9. Hi, All

    Thank you Hackford for blogging, your site and other bloggers, have helped me make my decision to get the surgery, and I hope to do the same for other’s, not too mention this has been therapeutic.

    I am in the process of blogging my own HyProCure Procedure. I hope to have the left foot done in June of 2013.

    I started a blog and will update it as we move along. I hope to help those who are looking for information like I was. Here is my journey.


    Hope you don’t the plug Hackford. I am glad to see that you are doing well.

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