Hyprocure Day 2

Day 2 went without a hitch… I woke up with no pain.
Therefore I didn’t take any Vicodin. However halfway during the day
I attempted to go up some stairs with crutches and tripped. The
inside of my right foot was used as leverage against the fall.
After that experience I began to feel some discomfort and took some
Vicodin. I was so afraid I might have dislocated the stent. My foot
seems to be slightly skewed when I compare it to the picture of me
holding my foot up in the last post. But I think this is probably
more likely due to swelling because it is painful to put my foot in
a straight position. (i.e. move my ankle to be straight) But Day 2
was a piece of cake I guess… Oh and incase anyone wonders I am
writing these in the morning. (So right now it is Day 3 but in the
morning šŸ˜‰ ) Edit: I think I’m over reacting. Here is a


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