Hyprocure Day 7

I’m writing this post a little early today…

Tomorrow will be 1 week since I’ve had the surgery done.

I’ve been to the doctor and he said everything looks fine. I had a size 8 put in my foot. I could’ve had a size 9 he said but then my big toe would’ve been off the ground. Because I’ve had this problem for so long my foot is slightly deformed. He also said I’m one of the more severe cases he’s done yet.

This picture is my foot right after they removed the bandage. I am only slightly swollen around the incision. It feels like I have a goos egg on my foot :/

That dark blue mark is the doctor’s initials, in case you were wondering.

I am going to have the other foot done in around 2 weeks from now.

I got a new pair of shoes today. My old shoes made my foot hurt worse than when I was barefoot. The old orthotic was very painful also. Barefoot I feel fine. I don’t even really need crutches now, but the doctor says to take it slow and avoid uneven terrain.

I can take a shower now (FINALLY) but I am not to take a bath or use a hot tub. (Bummer…)

When I got home I took this picture


Here I’m pulling both feet back as far as they will go. See the difference! It’s really an awesome surgery.


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