Hyprocure Day 9/10

This post is written halfway on day 10 and so will be both days merged.

Yesterday went pretty good. My foot just feels “tired” all the time. Also my right heel was just uncomfortable in my shoe. It just felt like “bam, bam, bam” whenever I walked. So I bought a pair of Dr. Scholls Gel inserts for $15. That made my shoe feel alot nicer this morning. Plus I can put the other insert into the left shoe, instead of my old orthotic, when I have that surgery.

This morning my foot felt VERY tired, but as the day went on it feels “normal again.



I took these pictures to show you the difference now.

I have an arch! πŸ˜€

Granted I was sitting down when taking this picture but I tried to put as much weight to the inside of my foot as possible.

Also, note the rough redness in my arch. You know what that is? An old callous… maybe it’ll disappear now!

I have no idea what the white spots are on my heel… maybe I’m an alien. πŸ˜›



That’s the incision they made. You can see the bruising around my heel also. That stitch sticking out is kinda creepy too.




Does anyone know why I’m bruised near my toes? Maybe the doctor grabbed my foot REAL hard there?


5 thoughts on “Hyprocure Day 9/10

  1. The toe bruising is normal. I have an actual collagen deficiency so I have had my share of surgeries. I had my surgery on my thumbs and the bruising went all the way up to my elbows. It freaked me out the first time too, but it is normal. The doctor is entering the site with some force and it will bruise all around the area. So it is normal. πŸ™‚

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