Hyprocure Week 3

Well it’s finally week 3. In two more weeks I’m off to get the other foot done.

I’ve been trying to get off of ibuprofen for the last couple of days. But today my foot is just achey, so I think I’ll go back on it for a while still…

I still get paranoid about the stent moving, which seems stupid at this point.

Here’s a before and after animation.

Weird thing is I can kinda “try” to put my foot in the old position… but it just hurts too much.

I’ve been getting stronger on my toes also, and am almost ready to go downstairs unaided by a railing.


If you look closely you can see the correction achieved!

Here’s my wound after 3 weeks.


9 thoughts on “Hyprocure Week 3

  1. i had hyprocure stents pit in both feet. i’m 5 months post-op. let me know if you have any questions as i’ve gone through everything you’re enduring and more.

    • Thanks!
      How long did it take you to feel like you were walking “normal” again?
      Or when did the soreness in your foot go away?
      I’m at… what week 5 now. I no longer have the soreness from the surgery but now have the soreness from walking “different”

    • It’s been a month for me and there is no way I can get around without crutches. The foot is also very swollen. Is this normal for everyone? Just thought I’d be able to walk by now.

  2. it depends what you mean by “normal.” be as specific as possible please. the soarness from walking was severe at first and took about 2-3 months to totally go away.

    my blog will probably answer any questions you have. read through it:
    http://hyprocure-surgery.blogspot.com/. if not, feel free to ask me any other questions you might have.

  3. Hi Brandon – my doc suggested that I can put my 2nd stent in my left foot after 3 weeks. How many weeks until you were fully weight bearing on your right foot?

    • Yes I think I could have done it at 3 weeks but due to scheduling it wasn’t until 5 weeks that I actually did it. By day 6/7 I could walk without crutches. I have more blog post going through each day if u want to read them 😀

  4. I have an 11 year old son thinking about this procedure. I’m hoping that he can play soccer again about 3-4 months after. Do you think it’s possible?

    • In my experience if his feet aren’t terribly bad then it is possible but I wouldn’t push it. My right foot (which is more severe) still doesn’t feel 100% and it’s been a year.

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