Active Hyprocure

So yesterday I felt like trying to be more active. I was in the office and decided to see if I could dash down the hallway… I started to run! Immediately there was pain in my right foot. My left one seemed to handle it fine. Later I was at a bachelor party being held in a gym. I was able to kinda half run but not for long and nowhere near fullspeed…

Oh well… Guess I still have some healing to do.


10 thoughts on “Active Hyprocure

  1. that your foot looks good from the pictures. I am 6, operates April. your scmerzen goes away soon determined. The healing takes 6 weeks. I have a question. how long did you stay in hospital after the operation?

  2. still a question. this hyprocure implanted (screw) from 3 materials gemecht.wie titanium, steel and plastics. what do you have in your foot?

  3. I think it’s still a little early to be running. Are you right handed? If so that would explain why your right foot hurt and not your left. As a right handed person your right foot is your dominant foot so you unconsciously put more weight and force on it.

    • That is a good point! But it probably also doesn’t help that my right foot was the worse one to begin with.

      It’s strange, on my left foot. If I stand with just my left foot I can go up on my toe (like a ballerina)
      My right one is just too weak to do that.

      Thus when I run I think I’m just not strong enough to bear the extra force and help keep my arch from collapsing and push off. My arch wants to collapse but it can’t now because of the stent, so I get pain. My left one is stronger so I think my muscle kicks in and keeps the arch from falling so that I don’t get the pain. I hope that makes sense.

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