Hyprocure 5 months

Haven’t written in a while but had a couple updates… My right foot is allot stronger but not 100%. I rode a bike the other day, my feet were sore the next day but it was that good kind of soreness. I think the heel pain is gone but I haven’t walked that much so I don’t know for sure.


32 thoughts on “Hyprocure 5 months

  1. I have operated on 6 weeks. I have no pain but the foot kinick a little inside but it is better before the operation. Does anyone know why that is? Next week I have doctor’s appointment I will ask but it’s kinda annoying

  2. no, I have no foot pain. the correction is not quite straight. There is a little curvature. but it’s still better before the operation, but this is annoying

  3. Help, I am 6 months post Hyprocure. My food still hurts. mostly on the ankle side but occasionally on the arch side. I am walking with a cane. Didn’t use a cane before the surgery, I try not to complain, but no relief.

    • While I’m no expert I’m still interested…
      When do you experience pain? With no pressure on foot? Standing, running? etc.
      What kind of pain is it… does it feel like something is stretching or is it a deep pain you get when you “relax” your foot?

      The only time I get pain on the ankle side is when I step on an uneven surface…

  4. did you have heel pain like your achilles? I am about 5 weeks post op and have just begun having lots of heel pain due to more walking. I still walk on the outside of me foot. I wonder if that is why I have so much heel pain.

    • No… I expected that type of pain but never got it. At this moment the only pain I have is in my ankle on my right foot. And it’s probably because my foot still isn’t quite 100% up to strength because I don’t walk a lot…

  5. Hello, i’m from germany and im glad that everything is be alright with your feet 🙂
    have a question. i had a surgery before 10 days. and i always walk on the outside of my foot. i dont think that is a oversize of the stent, i have size 6 in my right foot. is this normal? today i was in the city and it hurts now on the outside of my foot. i try to walk on the ball of my foot but its difficult. is this normal???

    • The way I understand it… all your life you have been walking on the inside of your foot. Now that has changed and your muscles, ligaments, etc. are not used to this. So yeah it does hurt.

    • I had surgery 8 weeks ago and I am also walking on the outside of my foot. When I am at home I try not to wear shoes so that I get used to my new foot. It will get better after you continue to walk on it. I heard it takes a full year to “fall ” into place. your foot just has to adjust to the new arch!

  6. hello, im happy that i can exchange experience with someone with hyprocure. yeah sounds logical 🙂 and its right that i always walked on the inside of my foot. i think my bone hurts, the outside of my foot near to my little toe. maybe its normal. @hackmodford does it still hurt when u walk? or just in the beginning? @judy and what about your pain in the outside? do u think it is your bone?

  7. my walking looks normal, but the weight is going to the outside and my bones hurt when the ground is hard. but maybe i just need to used to my new foot.

    • I had surgery 8 weeks ago and my doctor says I am recovering much quicker than anticipated. I am going skiing next week. Bike riding was really good but walking on a treadmill or doing the eliptical hurt my achilles. I walk on the track by my house and get lots of walking/standing at the athletic store I manage.

  8. I had my Surgery before 12 days. I could walk just after 4 days. When did u start to walk without crutches?Barefoot feels great thats right. I walk now without

  9. Ok sounds good. After 9 days i was able to box on sandbag but very careful and bandage on my foot. Cant wait till i can do martial arts again, but i have to wait a while.

  10. hello again, im now 8 weeks post op. i can walk the whole day with just a little bit pain. my worry is when i push off a little bit different it hurts so much. yesterday i was out and i didnt see a stair and i landed on my foot with the hyprocure stent and i think just a little bit more different. it was very painful, will this pain disappear someday? sorry for my bad english.

  11. Hey @Goki I have a question for you… I am a gymnast and i was wondering if hyprocure would work for me. I’m a little nervous to get it because when your flipping you land on your feet with a of of force so since your into martial arts i just wanted to know if you feel pain while doing tricks?

    • Let me put it this way. If my right foot wasn’t so severe then Yes. My left foot feels absolutely fine and I feel confident it could handle stress. My right foot no. But I am an extreme case. Also take this with a grain of salt because I am no doctor 😉

  12. Hi, I am 14 years old and want to get hyprocure due to my flexible collapsed arches. My question is, if I get it how long should I wait before I do the next foot, and will I ever be able to play soccer and do track and field again? Also, how long is the total healing time?

  13. I am at month 9 post surgery on my left ankle. I love that my foot faces forwards now and I haven’t ‘rolled over’ on my ankle since the surgery. However I often have an ache similar to a post ankle sprain. The problem is on the surgical entry side (outside) not the side where the insert is. It is still stiff and sore in the mornings or when I, like some of the other bloggers here, get up from sitting at the desk for too long. I have had physio where they tried to work on core strength in the hips etc which bemused me and cost a lot of money with no changes in the ankle. The post op pain was unpleasant for the first 2 or so days. My surgeon had me sleeping in the surgical boot for the first 5 days and then wearing it every time I wanted to stand or walk. I also hired a knee scooter, which was great for getting around, it’s a three wheeler scooter with a padded seat that you put your knee for on then scoot with your good foot. It also collapses so you can put it in the car trunk. I am about to have a change in health insurance (for the worse) which means in June I would have to pay for all of this myself, so I am having the surgery on the other foot next week. I am worried that this will put more strain on the left foot which will probably either kill or cure it for good, as I will be forced to take the strain and not let the right foot compensate as it has been doing for decades. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  14. Love my implants. i am thankful every day that I have had it done. I am 8 months post surgery on the right foot and 16 months on the left foot. My ankle hurt for several months after the surgery. I no longer wear orthotics–wore orthotics for most of 20 years. My feet rarely hurt. After the surgery, I would be walking along and my foot would have a horrible stabbing pain until a few months ago, but this has stopped. I can’t say enough how wonderful this has been for me. I am 60 years old AND overweight and it has worked for me.

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