Lacrosse Ball Excersize

I’ve been trying to prep my feet for more barefoot activities. One therapy I’ve found and have been enjoying is using a lacrosse ball to massage the bottom of your foot.

So here I am, just me, my feet, and a lacrosse ball.

And this is how you do the excerisize

I find that this is were I’m usually sore. Which makes sense since I’ve never really used that part of the foot before 😀


Push off to a new life!

Today I realized something amazing! I can finally push off with my right foot. Mind you, I’m still weak but I can actually do it without holding onto a door frame for help!

Earlier last week I had to go to a job onsite to setup a computer. I was standing around for probably an hour. When I came home my feet were very achy (not in the arches like the old feet)

Yesterday I had to go to the same store again and do the same thing. My feet didn’t ache when I got home.

Another thing that has changed is I’ve bought a pair of earth shoes. Earth shoes have a negative heel (i.e. the heel is lower than the toes) While I like the concept I also got them because I figured it would strengthen my toes, and stretch my tendon in the back of my foot. I believe they have helped me.

It has taken me 217 days (7 months 5 days) to arrive at this point. Yippee!!!