Push off to a new life!

Today I realized something amazing! I can finally push off with my right foot. Mind you, I’m still weak but I can actually do it without holding onto a door frame for help!

Earlier last week I had to go to a job onsite to setup a computer. I was standing around for probably an hour. When I came home my feet were very achy (not in the arches like the old feet)

Yesterday I had to go to the same store again and do the same thing. My feet didn’t ache when I got home.

Another thing that has changed is I’ve bought a pair of earth shoes. Earth shoes have a negative heel (i.e. the heel is lower than the toes) While I like the concept I also got them because I figured it would strengthen my toes, and stretch my tendon in the back of my foot. I believe they have helped me.

It has taken me 217 days (7 months 5 days) to arrive at this point. Yippee!!!


2 thoughts on “Push off to a new life!

  1. Congratulations! However,it took quite a long time? My doctor said, 6 week after surgery I will can do sport. After reading your blog, I don’t believe him! How do you feel now?

    • Still the same… I’m thinking next year I’ll be back to normal… if not I’m going back to my doctor.
      Though you have to take in mind that in my case I had an extreme case of hyperpronation in my right foot. (the one I’m bothered by still) intact it was the worst case my doctor has seen yet.

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