Lacrosse Ball Excersize

I’ve been trying to prep my feet for more barefoot activities. One therapy I’ve found and have been enjoying is using a lacrosse ball to massage the bottom of your foot.

So here I am, just me, my feet, and a lacrosse ball.

And this is how you do the excerisize

I find that this is were I’m usually sore. Which makes sense since I’ve never really used that part of the foot before šŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Lacrosse Ball Excersize

  1. Thanks for writing this blog. I’m considering Hyprocure for my flat feet. Are you able to run and jump now? I play a lot of sports such as basketball and hockey and am concerned I won’t be able to continue those sports after the surgery.

  2. Hi, I’m just wondering how you’re getting on with your Hyprocure? Did it ever settle down fully or do you still have pain with it? I’m (hopefully) going to get the implant soon but i’m just trying to gear myself up for best and worse case scenarios!

    • My left foot was flexible (I could form it into a normal arch shape) The left foot has worked out great.
      My severe right foot was not flexible (I cannot and could not form it into a normal arch shape) In hindsight I would have left my right foot alone.

      It wasn’t a perfect fix, but I would say my life improved slightly. I’m still not running though, not that I ever did…

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