Hello, I’m a Geek who loves to play the ukulele and has a knack for taking things apart and making them work better or in a different way. This is sometimes called modding and/or hacking.

I am the developer of MA Mobile, an iPhone app that works with EZ-Touch and Marketplace Automation. I will make an Android app, someday…

I hope you will find some interesting stuff here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. It has been over 2 years since your surgery how are your feet feeling? I am at my year mark and my foot gets stiff and aches from time to time.

    • Honestly I’m not that impressed with the results. I mean, yeah my foot is straight but I still have just as much pain from standing/walking as before and it might even be slightly worse. My left foot is fine and I’d be happy to keep it in there. But my severe right foot… I’m just not sure it was an improvement.

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