Swim Fins

I thought I’d give you guys a little update on my progress.

Last year I couldn’t use my swim fins because my ankles were too weak. This year I can do it but I get tired quickly. Strangely it’s my left (better) foot that gets tired faster.

I can push up on my right foot a couple times now, but I tire quickly.

I still get a lot of pain around my heel/ankle if I stand/walk for hours on end.

I’m getting more comfortable with uneven surface. I really like going barefoot now. I’ve even tried out some sandals, but haven’t bought a pair yet.

Well, that’s it for now.


Lacrosse Ball Excersize

I’ve been trying to prep my feet for more barefoot activities. One therapy I’ve found and have been enjoying is using a lacrosse ball to massage the bottom of your foot.

So here I am, just me, my feet, and a lacrosse ball.

And this is how you do the excerisize

I find that this is were I’m usually sore. Which makes sense since I’ve never really used that part of the foot before 😀

Push off to a new life!

Today I realized something amazing! I can finally push off with my right foot. Mind you, I’m still weak but I can actually do it without holding onto a door frame for help!

Earlier last week I had to go to a job onsite to setup a computer. I was standing around for probably an hour. When I came home my feet were very achy (not in the arches like the old feet)

Yesterday I had to go to the same store again and do the same thing. My feet didn’t ache when I got home.

Another thing that has changed is I’ve bought a pair of earth shoes. Earth shoes have a negative heel (i.e. the heel is lower than the toes) While I like the concept I also got them because I figured it would strengthen my toes, and stretch my tendon in the back of my foot. I believe they have helped me.

It has taken me 217 days (7 months 5 days) to arrive at this point. Yippee!!!

Hyprocure 5 months

Haven’t written in a while but had a couple updates… My right foot is allot stronger but not 100%. I rode a bike the other day, my feet were sore the next day but it was that good kind of soreness. I think the heel pain is gone but I haven’t walked that much so I don’t know for sure.

Self Conscience Hyprocure

Hey… sorry I didn’t update this last week, but there really wasn’t anything to say.

At the moment I don’t have any pain, unless I do alot of walking. My pain is no longer in the arches but on my heels. I can feel a new callous forming on my right foot that feels strange. I’m becoming less self conscience of my new foot position. I noticed today that I was able to dash around the hallway with no pain whatsoever!

So I guess the next step is to start walking around more and getting my heels used to bearing the weight instead of my fallen arches.

Hyprocure Left Week 5

One major change I’ve noticed… I’m no longer sore in the morning! Yipee! (this goes for both of my feet, seems to have happened over the weekend.)

I’m still tender if my foot bends in a strange position (like stepping on uneven ground)

My right foot is getting stronger, but I still have trouble going down stairs.

Active Hyprocure

So yesterday I felt like trying to be more active. I was in the office and decided to see if I could dash down the hallway… I started to run! Immediately there was pain in my right foot. My left one seemed to handle it fine. Later I was at a bachelor party being held in a gym. I was able to kinda half run but not for long and nowhere near fullspeed…

Oh well… Guess I still have some healing to do.